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Today I woke up early by a half hour. Normally, I would just roll over and savor the last 30 minutes before the alarm. The universe had other plans. I’ve been making a conscious effort to listen to this advice. I took a moment, sat up and began by asking my angels and guides to protect me while I spend a moment talking to them.

To my surprise during my meditation I discovered that I am happy. I am solidly happy with life.

From a very young age I was taught that you should never be happy with what you have, that wanting more was where I should focus. I was always comparing myself to my friends and family. Always trying to prove my worthiness. Do better, have more goals, be the best at this that and the other.

On my spiritual journey I have learned that we attract what we put out. If I am living in a frequency where there are not enough resources and I don’t have enough, then I am attracting more of that. So, the past few days my meditations have been focused on the gratitude and satisfaction of all the things I do have. Then something inside of me clicked into place this morning,and I felt at peace and whole. In that moment I realized I am happy. The feeling has not left me, all day. I will continue to process this and journal. More to come.

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