When I first began my spiritual journey, I trusted the messages that I was getting during my meditation. Then something happened, and I began to question everything.

Here’s what happened. I was so excited about all the experiences and things I was learning that I wanted to tell the people around me. That’s when the doubt started.

The people I was telling were firmly stuck in the matrix. They did not easily accept what I was learning as I had, and their doubt turned into me questioning what my intuition was telling me. The fear and doubt crept in, and my ego engaged. My intuition was now harder to hear, and distinguishing it from my intuition was difficult. It caused so much frustration that I felt more and more like giving up.

Even though it has been a “setback”, I think it was meant to happen this way, because in the process I am learning that we are all on a separate journey. We have different paths, different trauma, different approaches to life. My life lessons are different than my sisters and brothers, and more importantly, my parents have different life lessons. It puts a different perspective on parenting for sure, but that’s a whole separate post.

Listening to your own heart, how your own body reacts to your feelings. Noticing the things that trigger you and discovering where that particular trauma is buried for you is the most important, in my experience. All these things have lead me back to my intuition, my higher self, the holy spirit that is a part of us all. You have to look within, sit with it, and tell that monkey mind that you can trust heart.