Let go of the Past

I have spent a lot of time digging through my past and working on my shadows over the past several months. I have discovered that once you have taken responsibility for the decisions you made, and the way that you contributed to a situation, don’t forget to forgive yourself and let it go.

I have noticed that even though I have changed my perspective and behavior, I am still holding onto the guilt and the shame from my past. This is causing me to relive these things over and over in my mind. It’s constant validation for the negative self talk that I am working so hard to put to rest.

During my meditations these past few weeks I keep receiving a message about Grace. Giving myself the grace that God has already blessed me with. The only one holding onto this stuff is me. If God has already forgiven me, why is it that I am not forgiving myself.

Once you process the past, holding onto it only creates resistance to receiving your blessings.