Today I Allow Myself to be Loved

When our feelings are ignored by our caregivers as small children we develop trauma wounds around feelings. We begin to think that if my feelings are bad, then I must be bad. I am unlovable. I’m not worthy of love. Of course this is a simplified example, but you get the idea. In this example as a child you determine that you are unlovable. Yet, love is what we as humans desire most.

Our ego minds look to the world around us for evidence of what we believe at the core level. So, as we get older we unknowingly find people and situations to prove we are unlovable. We find friends and partners that we always have to prove our worth to.

If we do find people that try to show us love it feels uncomfortable. Often times we run from these people, or do something so they leave us. It doesn’t jive with our core belief that we are unlovable.

It’s important to recognize this pattern and do the healing necessary to allow love into your life. Especially, self love.


It’s fall and leaves fall off the trees this time of year. The leaves are reabsorbed into by the earth bringing nutrients to the tree. One of the universal laws, the Law of Correspondence, says that patterns repeat throughout the universe. It’s no surprise then that we can take the example of the leaves falling from the tree in the autumn to how your emotions leave your body so that they can be transmuted into love to nourish your soul. You see, feelings are turned into emotions by your body. If you don’t allow yourself to feel your feelings your body traps these emotions causing damage to your body in the way of disease, depression, anxiety, fear, etc. If a tree didn’t lose the dead leaves in the fall, there would be no place for new leaves to form and the tree would be deprived of the additional nourishment. The dead leaves clog up the system.

Make it a point to check in with yourself everyday. Think about what the day brought you, feel into you body and notice any places that hold discomfort, feelings, emotions that you might be holding onto. A tense drive home in traffic, a crabby child, an unbalanced budget, or maybe a deadline at work. In what way did these things trigger you to feel negatively about yourself. Let go of these things before they clog up your system.

The Quest

Think of your spiritual journey as more of a quest to discover yourself.  It’s a treasure to be found and embraced.  You are finding the truth of your life and the magnitude of your gifts.  To release all the trauma and trapped emotions is really your goal. Just when you think you have won, there will be new things that develop and come to the surface as your vibration rises. Try not to be discouraged because at each level of your quest, you will achieve a treasure.  Your treasure will be the truth of your soul.  Each level that you “pass” will show you another layer of your truth.  Your authentic self, which is pure love, will begin to shine brightly.  Higher vibrational people and opportunities will come to you. 

You must believe in the journey, and be committed to the quest, for it will be long and painful, but the reward far outways the cost.  This will deter many, but if you’re willing to accept the challenge, you will find it worth the effort.  

By going on this quest, this spiritual journey, you will affect more than yourself.  You will help illuminate the truth for everyone else too. Your love will shine the light for others. Many think of a spiritual journey as becoming closer to God, when really, it’s becoming more authentically yourself.  God is love, so are you. 

To understand yourself you must accept that the universe and everything in it is connected, and that every small thing has an effect on another.  That everything you do, say or think has a vibration, with a reaction in your body.  These things will affect you, but also everyone else.  The waves of your actions flow outward and touch every soul.  We are all one, that is the biggest lesson of all.

Coercion by the Ego/Logical Mind

Imagine you have a night to yourself, no kids or pets, an no other responsibilities You are sitting on the couch after work trying to decide what to do with the rest of your night.

Inspiration says, “You know what sounds fun? Let’s go to the art store and pick out some new paints. The ones we have are getting old and there’s a new line you wanted to try. Then we can come home and break out the easel and get down to some painting!”

Your ego says, “That would be great, but you know what’s more fun? Ordering some food and binge watching a show that you’ve seen 3 times already in the last month. We can sit here and eat all the stuff and overthink. You know those paints are just going to be a waste of money and you will be frustrated because your painting won’t turn out how you want it to anyway. You’re not even artistic.”

Does this sound familiar? Our ego often lies to us, and it threatens us in an attempt to “protect us” from our feelings. In this example there is probably some good reason that our ego is protecting us from creating art. Maybe as a child someone who you really looked up to you told you that art was a waste of time, or that you weren’t a good artist. It could be that your parents really got mad at you for wasting your money on art supplies. Only you will know the reason.

Following our intuition will only lead us to our soul truth and to a more abundant and fulfilling life. This example is light hearted, but just think of the impact that it could have in more important matters. It could alter your life in the best ways. Remember, your intuition is based in love. It wants what is best for you. It will never steer you wrong.

Here’s my advice, tell your ego, “Thank you for the advice, but today I am following my heart.” Then, surrender the outcome to the Devine, and you’ll be surprised where the magic takes you. It might mean you run into an old friend at the art store and end up going for coffee and it doesn’t have anything to do with art at all. The possibilities are endless.


I take my dogs out first thing when I wake up in the morning. The weather was really chilly and I wanted to make this a really quick trip. There’s two routes that I normally go with them, this time I went the short one that doesn’t have anything to look at but a road and a strip mall. As I was standing there waiting on my plot hound to do his business with my teeth chattering I was being urged to walk toward the pond.

Now let me tell you this was the last thing I wanted to do. First it would add time to the walk and I was already frozen and not dressed for more cold. Second, that means open spaces for wind tow come and whip my face and hands. I debated for a moment and then thought to myself. There must be something that God wants me to see.

Sure enough, maybe a dozen steps past where I would have normally turned around I saw this…

This beauty was sitting right in between two pine trees in a long row. The colors were amazing, the picture was taken on my phone and doesn’t do it justice.

Listen to the whispers urging you to take a left instead of a right or take just a few more steps. When you have a feeling that you should phone a friend you haven’t spoken with in a long time. That moment when you turn the radio on and it reminds you of someone.

I have stopped considering these things coincidences. These are messages from God/Universe, or whatever higher power you subscribe to. When we listen to these messages our lives become richer and more abundant. When we trust this guidance, we are tapping into the essence of our creator. It lives in all of us. Whether spiritual or not, it’s here for us as long as we believe.

Release the Old Version of You

It’s a good chance that before you were the age of seven you created some beliefs about yourself and the world that weren’t necessarily true. Most experts say that our core beliefs are developed by the time we are seven years old. When we are small children we view the world with a self centered lens. The way we perceive the behaviors of our caregivers towards us and others is how we navigate the world. This is how we learn to survive.

At seven I still believed in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy, but I also perceived that my opinion didn’t matter, that expressing my joy, sadness, or emotions in general was not acceptable. Of course I didn’t know that I was creating a core belief that would shape my future. I’m sure my parents didn’t either as they were only in their 20s when I was born. I just knew that I was punished if I was excitedly happy and dancing around in the house, or had a tough day and expressed that only to be ignored. I think you get the idea. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a post about how you discipline your children. Instead, I want to show you how core beliefs are formed.

In order to find these limiting core beliefs you have to follow your triggers. When something triggers you, take that as a indicator that you have a belief that doesn’t resonate with your authentic self. If there is something you cannot stand about someone else, what is it, and where do you see that same quality in yourself. We all created versions of ourselves at a very young age to support our core beliefs. It’s time to reparent our inner child. Let go of the old version and let the new one in.

Some limiting beliefs for you to think about:

I am not the right (age, race, gender)

I am not smart enough

I am not educated enough

I always fail so I shouldn’t try

Loving myself is selfish

I don’t deserve it

I’m not enough

My opinion doesn’t matter

Bad things happen when I express my feelings

A Message About Timing

Everyone wants things to come to them instantly these days. When in reality times is a human construct, an affliction that we as humans have created for ourselves. The real fact is that time as we have come to know it does not exist.

Really there are many timelines of our lives and each has a vibration. When we set our heart on something we want, the only thing left to do is raise your vibration to the timeline that you already have what you want. In simple terms, this means that you must feel vibrationally like you already have what you want. Once you express to your higher power what you want it is done. Yes, sometimes there are things that the universe must do to prepare for you to have what you desire.

Your job is to keep yourself aligned with the vibration of what you want. What would it feel like if you had that new job, that extra money in your bank account, etc. Just remain open to how you receive it. You cannot control how and when it will come. Raise your vibration to meet it and so it will be.

Here are some things you can do to raise your vibration today:

*Go for a walk, be in nature

*Listen to music

*Practice Gratitude

*Visualize what you want/make a vision board

*Make a plan/Meet the universe half way

*Do something creative (whatever makes your heart sing)