A Message About Timing

Everyone wants things to come to them instantly these days. When in reality times is a human construct, an affliction that we as humans have created for ourselves. The real fact is that time as we have come to know it does not exist.

Really there are many timelines of our lives and each has a vibration. When we set our heart on something we want, the only thing left to do is raise your vibration to the timeline that you already have what you want. In simple terms, this means that you must feel vibrationally like you already have what you want. Once you express to your higher power what you want it is done. Yes, sometimes there are things that the universe must do to prepare for you to have what you desire.

Your job is to keep yourself aligned with the vibration of what you want. What would it feel like if you had that new job, that extra money in your bank account, etc. Just remain open to how you receive it. You cannot control how and when it will come. Raise your vibration to meet it and so it will be.

Here are some things you can do to raise your vibration today:

*Go for a walk, be in nature

*Listen to music

*Practice Gratitude

*Visualize what you want/make a vision board

*Make a plan/Meet the universe half way

*Do something creative (whatever makes your heart sing)