Coercion by the Ego/Logical Mind

Imagine you have a night to yourself, no kids or pets, an no other responsibilities You are sitting on the couch after work trying to decide what to do with the rest of your night.

Inspiration says, “You know what sounds fun? Let’s go to the art store and pick out some new paints. The ones we have are getting old and there’s a new line you wanted to try. Then we can come home and break out the easel and get down to some painting!”

Your ego says, “That would be great, but you know what’s more fun? Ordering some food and binge watching a show that you’ve seen 3 times already in the last month. We can sit here and eat all the stuff and overthink. You know those paints are just going to be a waste of money and you will be frustrated because your painting won’t turn out how you want it to anyway. You’re not even artistic.”

Does this sound familiar? Our ego often lies to us, and it threatens us in an attempt to “protect us” from our feelings. In this example there is probably some good reason that our ego is protecting us from creating art. Maybe as a child someone who you really looked up to you told you that art was a waste of time, or that you weren’t a good artist. It could be that your parents really got mad at you for wasting your money on art supplies. Only you will know the reason.

Following our intuition will only lead us to our soul truth and to a more abundant and fulfilling life. This example is light hearted, but just think of the impact that it could have in more important matters. It could alter your life in the best ways. Remember, your intuition is based in love. It wants what is best for you. It will never steer you wrong.

Here’s my advice, tell your ego, “Thank you for the advice, but today I am following my heart.” Then, surrender the outcome to the Devine, and you’ll be surprised where the magic takes you. It might mean you run into an old friend at the art store and end up going for coffee and it doesn’t have anything to do with art at all. The possibilities are endless.