Make a Ritual of Meditation/Prayer

It doesn’t matter how you talk to spirit, but make it a ritual. Do the same things to prepare your mind and your body to communicate with spirit daily. When you create a ritual your body knows what to expect, and your guides and angels know that you are ready to connect.

My process starts by making sure that my journal and crystals are at hand. If there’s a crystal that stands out for me, I chose that one, otherwise I choose one that will ground me. After that I light a candle and sage my space. Sometimes I turn on frequency music, which you can find on Youtube. I then close my eyes and thank the angels for protection and imagine a white bubble of divine protection around me. I set an intention. This could be a question I have or some situation I want to dive deeper into, sometimes I just leave it all up to them.

My point is to create a process or routine to set yourself up for success. Maybe, you feel more connected when you are outside sitting under your favorite tree after a brisk walk or run. Or, it could be that you like to sit at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee before your family gets up and the day starts.

Make it a scared ritual to check in with your higher self. It affirms with yourself the importance of what you are doing, and sets the tone for communications with your holy spirits.