The Fear of Missing Out

I had to make a difficult decision this weekend. I had a trip planned with my sister to visit my other sister that I have not seen in a year. She lives 10 hours away and we usually drive there together. It’s so much fun, and much needed time with my sisters.

Unfortunately, one of my dogs had an emergency vet visit last week that cost me quite a bit. In the past, I would just take the hit on my credit card for the vet visit and boarding the dogs over the weekend, and still go on the trip. This time I did the more responsible thing; I stayed home.

I felt good about not overcommitting my resources and my sisters understood even if they were disappointed. However, I woke up today, knowing my sisters are sharing the day together without me, and I got stuck in my disappointment.

Then something happened. I was laying down for a nap this afternoon, since I did still have the day off, when I realized, I am meant to have the experiences that I am meant to have. The only person that is going to look out for me, is me. Even if it was so disappointing not being there… Comparing myself to other people, and basing my value on what I see other people have or what they are doing, is not doing me any favors.

It’s okay to say No, to not give more than you can emotionally or materially. It’s okay to appreciate the things in your life that you do have. You might not get to go on that vacation, but maybe the universe has something more important planned for you.

Finding joy and gratitude for what you do have, instead of worrying about what you are missing, would be a far better use of the time, than being sad and sulking over the missed opportunity.