Sharing my journey of self discovery through meditation and journaling.

  • A Message About Timing

    Everyone wants things to come to them instantly these days. When in reality times is a human construct, an affliction that we as humans have created for ourselves. The real fact is that time as we have come to know it does not exist. Really there are many timelines of our lives and each has […]

  • Let go of the Past

    I have spent a lot of time digging through my past and working on my shadows over the past several months. I have discovered that once you have taken responsibility for the decisions you made, and the way that you contributed to a situation, don’t forget to forgive yourself and let it go. I have […]

  • Trust

    When I first began my spiritual journey, I trusted the messages that I was getting during my meditation. Then something happened, and I began to question everything. Here’s what happened. I was so excited about all the experiences and things I was learning that I wanted to tell the people around me. That’s when the […]

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Gretchen is a 40 something business woman on a journey of self discovery.

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