Sharing my journey of self discovery through meditation and journaling.

  • Remember to Ask for Help

    I spent many years seeking out advice from others and applying their advice, only to have it all blow up in my face. I’ve learned that people only see things through the lens of their own experience. Having compensated, I now fall into the trap of trying to figure everything thing out myself. When I…

  • Balance – Body and Soul

    I received a message today that I wanted to share with you. On this journey of healing and enlightenment it’s easy to get caught up in the spiritual aspect. Once you learn to tap into your intuition, and receive universal wisdom, that seems like the place to be. That is where things begin to make…

  • Serendipity Strikes Again

    Yesterday, I had a gentle nudge from the universe to take my normal route backwards while walking the dogs. These gentle nudges come in the form of urges or sudden inspiration to do something, go somewhere, talk to someone, etc. We got a good ways into the walk, when all of a sudden an albino…

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Gretchen is a 40 something business woman on a journey of self discovery.

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