Gretchen Mickelson, Psychic Medium

Champlin, MN 55316



How I discovered my gift.

A few years ago I began my meditation practice in ernest with the goal of better understanding myself and discovering my purpose. I had no idea that I would discover a gift that could bring comfort and healing to people that have lost loved ones.

I have always known that I was sensitive to other people’s energy and on occasion I have been blessed with a deep knowing about a situation or person’s behavior. A councellor that I saw in my late twenties suggested a book called, The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron. The author suggests writing daily, first thing, like a brain download of sorts. You just write without thinking and whatever comes out you write down. Although I didn’t know it at the time, I was often connecting with a higher wisdom.

Eventually, I discovered that as I was having conversations with friends and family where they would pose questions about their loved ones that had passed away, I would hear the answers or I would suddenly see pictures in my mind of events that I had never been apart of, and hear songs that had special meaning to them.

It is my pleasure to share my gift with you.