A Message About Timing

Everyone wants things to come to them instantly these days. When in reality times is a human construct, an affliction that we as humans have created for ourselves. The real fact is that time as we have come to know it does not exist.

Really there are many timelines of our lives and each has a vibration. When we set our heart on something we want, the only thing left to do is raise your vibration to the timeline that you already have what you want. In simple terms, this means that you must feel vibrationally like you already have what you want. Once you express to your higher power what you want it is done. Yes, sometimes there are things that the universe must do to prepare for you to have what you desire.

Your job is to keep yourself aligned with the vibration of what you want. What would it feel like if you had that new job, that extra money in your bank account, etc. Just remain open to how you receive it. You cannot control how and when it will come. Raise your vibration to meet it and so it will be.

Here are some things you can do to raise your vibration today:

*Go for a walk, be in nature

*Listen to music

*Practice Gratitude

*Visualize what you want/make a vision board

*Make a plan/Meet the universe half way

*Do something creative (whatever makes your heart sing)

Let go of the Past

I have spent a lot of time digging through my past and working on my shadows over the past several months. I have discovered that once you have taken responsibility for the decisions you made, and the way that you contributed to a situation, don’t forget to forgive yourself and let it go.

I have noticed that even though I have changed my perspective and behavior, I am still holding onto the guilt and the shame from my past. This is causing me to relive these things over and over in my mind. It’s constant validation for the negative self talk that I am working so hard to put to rest.

During my meditations these past few weeks I keep receiving a message about Grace. Giving myself the grace that God has already blessed me with. The only one holding onto this stuff is me. If God has already forgiven me, why is it that I am not forgiving myself.

Once you process the past, holding onto it only creates resistance to receiving your blessings.


When I first began my spiritual journey, I trusted the messages that I was getting during my meditation. Then something happened, and I began to question everything.

Here’s what happened. I was so excited about all the experiences and things I was learning that I wanted to tell the people around me. That’s when the doubt started.

The people I was telling were firmly stuck in the matrix. They did not easily accept what I was learning as I had, and their doubt turned into me questioning what my intuition was telling me. The fear and doubt crept in, and my ego engaged. My intuition was now harder to hear, and distinguishing it from my intuition was difficult. It caused so much frustration that I felt more and more like giving up.

Even though it has been a “setback”, I think it was meant to happen this way, because in the process I am learning that we are all on a separate journey. We have different paths, different trauma, different approaches to life. My life lessons are different than my sisters and brothers, and more importantly, my parents have different life lessons. It puts a different perspective on parenting for sure, but that’s a whole separate post.

Listening to your own heart, how your own body reacts to your feelings. Noticing the things that trigger you and discovering where that particular trauma is buried for you is the most important, in my experience. All these things have lead me back to my intuition, my higher self, the holy spirit that is a part of us all. You have to look within, sit with it, and tell that monkey mind that you can trust heart.

Coincidence or Synchronicity?

I have been doing a lot of reading lately about the difference between a message from spirit and a thought. It became really clear to me this morning. When I get a message from spirit, it’s got a feeling attached to it instantly. When you are aligned with your soul, these can happen instantly.

Here’s an example. Last night I saw a rainbow out the window as I was painting. I took a picture because I thought it was pretty. At bedtime, it occurred to me that the last time I saw a rainbow was the day my sister and I took our trip to get the last of the things from her apartment. I instantly knew that rainbow was a message from my mom.

This morning I was speaking to a friend about the significance of rainbows. Not ten minutes after this conversation, I was listening to the radio and the Fleetwood Mac song, Seven Wonders, came on and in the chorus there’s a line about following the path to the rainbow’s edge. I felt warm and loved, and I knew that it was confirmation that indeed the rainbow was sent by mom.

Side note: My guides know that they can send me messages in song, so I get a lot of messages that way, but there are so many ways they send messages.

As I always tell people that want to connect with their loved ones. The more you are open to the messages, the more you will receive. Spirits figure out what works and keep doing it.

Everyday, I feel more in awe of the magic of the universe, God, and our planet.

Shadow Work – Follow the Feeling

While meditating this morning I was given a message, “Go out and live. Show the world your light.” I had a sense that spirit wanted me to go out and have fun. Or so I told myself. I instantly received feedback in my heart. I received a palpitation in my heart. This happens to me quite a bit, but this time I decided to follow it.

I sat with the feeling, and really focused. I tried to physically pin point it, once I found it, then I was able to decipher what the feeling was. To my surprise I discovered Fear > Unworthiness.

It brought me to a question. When did I begin telling myself that I was unworthy of letting go and having fun. Most importantly why?

Everyone deserves to have fun don’t they? By just following a feeling, I have the opportunity to reframe my perspective. To choose a different version of myself that leads with love, self love.

Being willing to explore our feelings as warning lights on the dashboard of life instead of potholes to avoid, we can heal and align ourselves with our truth. It take work, and we have to choose this path daily.

I’m grateful that I chose this path today.

Message from Spirit on People Pleasing

Stop living for other people. When you do this you are not authentic to yourself, to your truth. If you choose to make others happy with no regard for your own happiness and wellbeing, you are robbing them of a chance to manage their own truth. Soon no-one will be living their truth and everyone will be unhappy. If everyone is unhappy then the vibration of the planet will be lowered. Everyone will suffer. Every person on the planet has a mission to follow their heart.

Serendipity or Intentional

This morning I woke up feeling not so great about where I am at with my gifts. The problem is my patience. I want perfection and mastery now. I want things that come easy, just like most people. I want to have all the answers and understand everything all at once. The fact of the matter is that is just not what our 3D reality is about. Things take time. We learn by doing, by practice, by failing and rising again to try it a different way.

Failure has never been easy for me. Admitting it, learning from it, or even trying new things because of a fear of failure. Effort was not rewarded in my family, nor admitting our mistakes. Pride was king, the ego the master.

On my spiritual journey I been discovering how much I limit myself by the perceptions I have created about what it means to be successful, by listening to my ego. This morning my ego got the best of me. I was feeling frustrated, and ultimately impatient. As I logged onto my computer and turned on my Pandora this morning the first song that greeted me, Don’t Stop Believing by Journey. Was this serendipitous or a message from the universe? I’m sure you know what I think!


It’s amazing the peace that comes with trusting yourself and source. I always thought that I couldn’t trust myself if I didn’t get all the answers right, if I didn’t make all the best decisions. The truth is that we are meant to learn. I can trust that if I made a bad decision, it is because I had something to learn about how I perceive the world, or a situation. I might perceive something in a way that my intuition did not mean for me to receive it. The ego often gets in the way and interprets the information for us. The interpretation that comes form ego screams the response. It demands to be noticed.

I’ve learned that my intuition is subtle, gentle, kind, and loving. It never shouts, compares, judges, or puts you down. I like to think of them as two people sitting on my shoulders. One perceives everything through pure love and the other through a lense of the past, through fears, and limiting beliefs. If we can be honest with ourselves and with others love and light prevails. Sometimes this means we don’t get the job we thought we wanted, or the relationship that we had our heart set on.

Be honest to who you are at your core. Love yourself, accept even the dark things that you don’t share with others, and you will find all the happiness and abundance you could imagine.

On Pause

Things seem to be on pause the past few days. I know that there’s something on its way. The universe as told me so. I’ve been receiving numbers like crazy and tons of synchronicities.

It’s in these moments that karma is being sorted out and all I need to do is learn a lesson that has been presented to me. I feel that in my bones, and I even know what it is. I have to forgive myself for things I’ve been holding onto.

Some of those things I’ve been holding onto since childhood and some are newer. I either have to make amends or change my perspective. I know it’s in the past, I’ve already made amends to the people and gotten closure, but I’m holding onto the shame and guilt.

How do you forgive yourself for something you’ve not forgiven someone else for? I don’t think that you can. So I’ve discovered that my task has gotten bigger, not to mention I thought I had let it go.

The universe is telling me if I forgive and let go I will turn the wheel, this difficult cycle will end, yet here I am…stuck and all I want to do is cry. I want to forgive and move on, but my body won’t let it go. It’s really frustrating.

Devise a Plan

I’ve been receiving messages over the past few days that it’s time to form a plan. It is hard to manifest what you wish for if you don’t have a clear idea of what you’d like or where you are going. Write it down and be specific. What is your hearts desire?

Dr Joe Despenza, in his book Becoming Supernatural talks about mind movies. These mind movies are created with software and create a movie with music and quotes to acclimate your body to the frequency of what you want to manifest. You get yourself into receiving mode and play your mind movie.

I don’t intend to buy this software, but I can create a picture or day in the life in my mind and in my journal. I could make a vision board. What would that day look like? Who would I interact with. How would I feel? Really familiarize myself with what my body/emotions would feel like if I were living that life now.

It’s time to sit down and really feel it out. Come up with my plan.