Serendipity or Intentional

This morning I woke up feeling not so great about where I am at with my gifts. The problem is my patience. I want perfection and mastery now. I want things that come easy, just like most people. I want to have all the answers and understand everything all at once. The fact of the matter is that is just not what our 3D reality is about. Things take time. We learn by doing, by practice, by failing and rising again to try it a different way.

Failure has never been easy for me. Admitting it, learning from it, or even trying new things because of a fear of failure. Effort was not rewarded in my family, nor admitting our mistakes. Pride was king, the ego the master.

On my spiritual journey I been discovering how much I limit myself by the perceptions I have created about what it means to be successful, by listening to my ego. This morning my ego got the best of me. I was feeling frustrated, and ultimately impatient. As I logged onto my computer and turned on my Pandora this morning the first song that greeted me, Don’t Stop Believing by Journey. Was this serendipitous or a message from the universe? I’m sure you know what I think!

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